Abi Jacobs


Calibre is a forward thinking, luxury womenswear brand that celebrates storytelling and cherishing memories. Its high quality classic-with-a-twist tailored collections are designed for all women, regardless of age, and appeals to consumers who crave their own identity in an industry dominated by off-the-peg items. The brand’s trans-seasonal collections aim to reconfigure the relationship consumers have with their clothing, by creating timeless and long lasting garments with personalised details that can be passed down generations. Calibre believes this will extend the lifecycle of a garment, adding an emotional value that opposes the modern throw-away culture.

Calibre’s clothing is designed to last lifetimes, using 100% wools, fine worsted suiting and corozo buttons. With personalisation, consumers are afforded the opportunity of preserving memories and celebrating stories. When a garment is purchased, the consumers’ name is printed and sewn onto the label. Calibre aims to create heirlooms where by a garment is passed down through generations, each time adding a name to the label. Coats will carry the name of its owner, past and present, along with history, memories and stories. Garments no longer used are also revived by Calibre, who repair and restore garments before offering them to consumers who appreciate clothing with history.