Fashion Design and Marketing BA (Hons)

Fashion Design and Marketing is renowned for its innovative approach to fashion design and promotion for future markets. The programme offers an unprecedented level of creative freedom in its structure allowing students to drive personal creative vision and artistry.  Through the programme’s unique integration of consumer insight, trend analysis and design practice we hope to arrive at more meaningful and sustainable Fashion products, brands and services. 

The Graduating Year of 2019 have responded to their Major Project brief through research and interpretation of social, economic and cultural trends.  Students have explored the future of fashion itself, issues of sustainability, social division and self- image within which the home grown and crafted vie with retro 80’s and 90’s micro trends creating an eclectic mix of stylistic references.   The year of 2019 has excelled in bringing together unconventional and alternative approaches to design in their final portfolios and collections.

Janine Hunt
Associate Professor Fashion