Alice Kerr

UNDFY is a genderless range of undergarments and loungewear pieces. UNDFY believes that gender identity is core to individuality and encourages consumers to express and explore their identities. Society’s increasing acceptance of non-binary gender experiences influenced the concept of UNDFY. By buying into UNDFY, consumers are approving a more inclusive mindset and are contributing to a “cultural shift that is happening now” (Rumsey, 2015).

UNDFY products are designed to emulate change simply and quickly to enable wearers to effectively communicate individuality. Pieces may be worn alone as undergarments or layered to create a unique look and silhouette. A neutral colour pallette exists to reflect gender neutrality. Vintage mens’ undergarments have influenced the design however more modern details are used to create a unique and contemporary feel such as snap fastenings and rib cuffs. Shaker lifestyle and minimalism have heavily influenced styling to showcase the brand effectively.