Amanda Roughley


SLOOW is a branch of slow movements, which focuses on considering the well being for the individual.

Inspiration has been taken from environmental expressions, perceived functionality, physical attributes and lifespan. Looking beyond the needs and circumstances of the present day, purposefully recognising everyday objects that are often missed or forgotten.
Our natural surroundings, as well as looking at everyday objects are identified as a source of inspiration and a basis to fulfill our senses.
SLOOW celebrates the preservation of traditional craft techniques by an appreciation of handmade products.
SLOOW creates simple, concise and adaptable craft solutions that provide a sustainable alternative to disposable fashion by minimising the need for repairs and replacements.
Through the coming together of a hybrid, materials are mixed within the design process to change the properties of the original state, resulting in a simplistic collection of neutral tones with interchangeable slotting pieces that allows an individual to modify to form bespoke garments according to their desire.
Ultimately simplifying an individual’s life, empowering the message to buy better, buy once. Developing a trend for life, for simple living and wellbeing.

Amanda Roughley
23 Harrogate