Amina Alhawaj

Ground Earth is a Trend Forecasting and Consultancy Agency that uses fashion as a medium to reflect global phenomena, mainly by highlighting ecological issues.

71%, an Autumn/Winter 2020 Womenswear trend that depicts the conflict within all human emotions. In 2020, many major political and environmental laws are to be applied globally - which, in turn, will generate controversy. These emotions are mirrored through the current degradation of the oceanic life on the hands of human activities.

Ominous refers to the deep, dark parts of the oceans that have yet been discovered by humans. It tells the story of uncertainty and how we, as humans, fear the unknown.

Harden conveys the evoloutionary stages all species endure upon a change in their surroundings. This story dives deep into how we adapt to a deteriorative change that was caused by our own hands.

Confetti is a trend for the optimists that look at the positives and turn their backs at the negative aspects of a situation. It reflects the kaleidoscope of colours found within the coral reefs and how it supplies life, through colour and shelter to a diversity of marine species.