Annabelle Raimes


Leader is a brand that creates clothes to grow old with. We make practical garments to the highest quality for women to feel comfortable and confident to explore the world they live in. Whether they are at the peak of a mountain or amongst the busy city buzz, we are here to provide these garments and create a community around appreciating our clothing and appreciating the world. We aim to inspire and encourage the optimistic individuals to follow our tracks and never stop exploring no matter where they are.

For our first collection, A/W 19/20, The Unsung Heroes of Everest is inspired by the Sherpas, a Nepalese ethnic group who are renowned for their climbing skills. The Sherpas are most famous for assisting climbs to conquer Mount Everest. The collection draws influences from vintage mountaineering garments, whilst considering the technical features of current clothing. Through combining all of these elements, we provide women with comfortable, functional and timeless fashion pieces. The garments cater for women’s hectic day-to-day lives, whilst reflecting the honourable stories of the Sherpas.


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