Athalia Rebecca Thio


Do not fear book has been planned to make since last year, 2015. It was all started from my first semester studying in Northumbria University Newcastle. We were told to create a fashion product, either garments, textiles, or books. Right then I decided to create a book, which take water as its major topic, and then I started to build up my research. In this process, I found interesting yet harmful action towards the water nature caused by fashion manufacturers. I really hope through this book, the public will gain more awareness of how necessary it is to start helping in preserving one of our main daily needs, water. Through this book, you will find out how to start this act smart right away.

So what is it that makes this book even more special and worth your time to read about? By reading this book, I promise you, you will no longer live as an ordinary person, yet you will live as an extraordinary and excellent person. You will have more care towards the earth you are living on through your buying behaviour and cotton consumption. Because the future’s fate lies in our hands and our acts. In the last chapter of this book, I provide a simple ecological textile solution for fashion and textile manufacturers, which was invented before by Suzanne Lee.
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