Bethany Dodd

Margo Bean

Margo Bean is a brand for children focused on enhancing their independence from an early age through suitable clothing for their nursery education. The brand believes in putting the child at the forefront of the collection, with designs that consider their daily experiences and routines. Margo Bean creates practical, comfortable and functional clothing, yet allows the personality of the individual child to shine through. Expect to see vibrant colours and a silhouette that any child can wear regardless of age or gender. Margo Bean celebrates children’s creativity and independence through expressive prints and soft quality textures, encouraging a ‘can do’ attitude to life while protecting against the sometimes messy and challenging day to day activities that children experience. The collection is inspired by first hand interaction with children in an early years setting, where they are encouraged to learn through creative play and being free, allowing their imaginations to run wild. Margo Bean intends to create an easy access, comfortable and exciting collection that is both practical and sensitive to a child’s needs. Margo Bean strives to send out a positive message of how important it is for children to be supported in gaining independence and becoming an individual, even from such an early age.