Chloe Ormsby

Protek is a luxury, technical outerwear brand that offers soft protection from the urban environment to the female Millennial consumer. The brand aesthetic is inspired from in-depth initial research into Spacesuits and The Space Age Era; exploring the relationship between form and function. It closely examines the layers in a Spacesuit, how they provide protection to the Astronauts and explores the construction of their helmets.

The brand’s main line includes a range of technical outerwear garments that closely examine the function of hoods, how a hood can be used as a way of protection in the urban environment and how this could be integrated into an outerwear piece. Protek is a street-wear brand, predominately aimed at women, it will bring something new to the current market that is lacking in choice for womenswear, with its main objective being to provide female Millennial consumers with a form of urban protection.
INSTAGRAM: @chloeormsby_design