Clarista Elviana

The purpose of this project is to provide a new trend forecasting for female active wears so that it could be consumed by both active and non-active markets. The project would focus on how to enhance the feminity through the colors and/or fabric treatments, the designs of the garments, and yet to keep the main utility of the sportswear so that the product could be used for active purposes and are stylish enough for daily outfits.

Asia is known as one of the continents with the richest culture variations. ‘ODD EYE’ offers trend inspiration for a fashion industry that is influenced by Asian culture. According to Florida and Johnson (2012), most of the top cities that have big influence on fashion industry and trends are mostly from western region, which are American and European continent countries. ‘ODD EYE’ aims to introduce the charm of Eastern cultures and to bring them further within the fashion industry through the trend inspirations that the company could offer. These trend forecasts would directly and indirectly reflect the Asian cultures.

The modernism of Japanese culture would be the basic foundation for the project concept. This concept would be interpreted in various ways that would be suitable for current, modern market through the silhouette developments, and by adding more value to the garments with relatable techniques such as prints, embroideries and fabric treatments.