daniel reid


Is a performance sportswear range for competitive 400m hurdlers. Dictated by the anatomy of the male athlete, which has been informed by the study into Gunther Von Hagens’ Body Worlds exhibition.

Playing on creative pattern cutting to match the demands of the body in motion, the Ath.Elite range is produced in a range of materials with dynamic properties. The Lycra based garments will be welded together to eliminate stitched seams. These will be taped to enhance strength and offer compression. This has been inspired by the kinesiology tapes that physiotherapists use to support injured or weak muscles.

The jackets in the range have got raglan armholes they allow a wide range of movement in the shoulder area. With Articulated sleeves the jackets are easy to wear during exercise as they are shaped to the arms.

This collection is to prepare athletes on the quest towards the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. The colour scheme has been taken from one of Rio’s amazing birds, the Blue Macaw. The Macaw soars through the skies which its bright blue plumage. These colours were used to familiarise the athletes with the celebration that will take place in Rio and guide them to achieving qualifying standards for the competition.

As an athlete MYSELF it has been great to be able to draw upon experience and knowledge to inform this area of design.

Daniel Reid