Ellie Baarda

Friday Through Monday

Friday Through Monday is a print-lead conceptual womenswear brand that aims to explore the ever-evolving interaction consumers have with the fast-paced lifestyle, addressing the research findings that young women aged 23-33 are appearing to spend more time on leisure activities and gaining interest in the health and lifestyle sector. Using these findings to engage consumers to encorporate a better work-life balance into their lives. Creating a blend of casual streetwear and sportswear to suit the urban female with a passion for style.

Friday Through Monday wants to create collections that reflects this shift, embracing the idea that although time may be limited an outfits diversity doesn’t have to be. Producing garments that are fun, comfy and have a feminine edge.The initial collection will be heavily print inspired by city textures and the chaotic urban lifestyle. Further referenced by American football and Medieval Armour as an inspiration for silhouette; portraying the consumers’ frequent commute battle. Friday Through Monday aims to create a new and exciting aesthetic, breathing new life into the everyday rush; connecting with consumers through clothing.



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