Ellie Thrift

ANDROGAMI,  allows women to rebel against typical stereotypes and wear oversized masculine clothing. Inspiration from the japanese art form Origami
is a main design influence regarding silhouette and structure. Fusing these two elements allow ANDROGAMI to have a clear and unique design language,
which provide new products that appeal to the bold and ambitious 21-30 year old target market.

Primary and Secondary research highlighted the importance and need for garments in todays society, to be high quality, yet accessible to ANDROGAMI's
specific sector. Good quality fabric and garment reinforcement details are combined with structured silhouettes to create pieces that are hard wearing, yet still
aesthetically pleasing.

AW18 is inspired by the 'Big Brother' concept and the right to anonymity, whilst SS19 follow on collection is focusing heavily on camouflage and traditional
Japanese silhouetttes.