Emily Harte


“Every piece of plastic thats ever been made, except for a small amount thats been incinerated, still exists.”
Ian Connacher, Addicted to Plastic Documentary

Plastic has become the norm for the majority of consumers as it is almost impossible to go a day without using something that isn’t packaged or manufactured in some way with plastic; from food, beauty products, to disposable food cutlery and cups.

In 2014 alone, consumers shopping in British supermarkets used 8.5 billion free plastic bags. All this waste is ending up in landfills and in the ocean, which means it is entering our food chain.

Preservation is a unique annual lifestyle publication focusing on sustainability to influence consumer trends. The content focuses on waste to shock the reader and how you can make simple changes to impact the environment. The publication is targeted at creative individuals who are either: looking for influential material to inspire their work as a designer, or someone who enjoys reading visual publications and is interested in a sustainable lifestyle.

Only use what you need. Live your life without plastic.