Emily Hetherington


“Consumers are increasingly looking to engage in activities and with brands who take a break from the routine and help them unlock their inner child”-  Mintel 2016.

Often, we find ourselves disconnected from our senses in an increasingly technological world. Detachment from our own self, negatively impacts our wellbeing. AURA highlights the importance of real life stimulation, by inviting readers to engage with their senses to positively impact their wellbeing. Built upon providing an enjoyable experience, AURA’s sensory trend package is filled with vibrant, PESTLE driven design trends for AW18/19.

The engaging sensory narrative & tactile publication, has been designed to inspire & influence design directions for the future. The calm & stimulating space I have created, is innovative within the forecasting industry: giving the reader gentle escapism from stressful daily life. Clean, monochromatic branding complement’s the high energy of each trend concept, providing the perfect canvas for each bold idea. Concept’s are brimming with a plethora of fashion & creative directions to create an immersive & exciting trend experience for each reader.