emily johnson

YEAR: 2020
FOCUS: womenswear
PROBLEM: future-proofing for the future of womenswear in 2020.

As polar opposites in many ways, fashion and science provide contrast and enhancement in their differences, resulting in a melding of data and design.Technological and scientific advancements are happening at an exponentially increasing rate, and are often the catalyst for new design movements. These pages provide an excerpt from the universe of 2020, detailing research process and outcome along the journey of discovering new insight into the zeitgeist of this time. The research shall manifest as four trends for womenswear in 2020, with a sharp focus on lifestyle, texture, colour and design. Bridging the gap between the proverbial left and right brains, these trends will surpass the superficial and describe a future that is bred in data and enhanced by intuition.

Emily May Johnson
Trend Forecasting + Graphic Output