Emily jones

In the United Kingdom alone we have seen 72% of butterfly species decline over the past 10 years (Butterfly Conservation.org, 2014). Due to the declining numbers of wild butterflies, inspiration has been fashioned from the conservation of these creatures.  Exploration of the structure and delicate nature of these wild and intriguing species will be investigated. Fast fashion is based on a failed relationship between consumer and product whilst creating large amounts of waste and pollution. Using intelligent design, waste and environmental impact will be reduced. Throughout this project exploration of charitable values will develop a product to engage the consumer on an emotional level. With support from the Butterfly

Conservation Organisation, the aim to unite the fashion and conservation industries results in promoting conservation and the protection of British wildlife, but in a fashionable way. A lingerie collection for females that promotes the concept of conservation of butterflies will resonate personally with the consumer in the feel good factor for the environment.

Emily Maria Jones
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