Francesca Toole

Act Your Wage is a heritage brand of the future, it funnels‘class codes’ into fashion through juxtaposition of fabric, cut, and class culture. It is a refreshing crossover between tailoring and streetwear that celebrates millennial style. The fundamental characteristics associated with ‘class’ are reinterpreted with a hint of irony. AW18 includes British heritage style staples incorporating equestrian fashion mixed with grass roots styling, offers a new genre of fashion in a concept led collection. The Project is underpinned by the appropriation of working class culture and how it is used for style purposes. The British social class system generates considerable interest on how, or how it isn’t, changing. The classification system, and the related codes of dress, have ties to specific status within a community that often results in a stereotyped grouping system. Might it not be the case that textiles have semantics, if class in the social strata is denoted through fashion, how purposefully and obvious is this. AYW uses fur alternatives, an ethical sustainable brand with longevity and inniative. Garments that will last not only in quality but in timeless style. Be more AYW, wear it your way.