georgia wigley

Cabinet of Curiosities

Cabinet of Curiosities is a unisex childrenswear brand for the 5-8 year age group. The brand philosophy encourages an active, outdoor lifestyle, as well as promoting an appreciation and interest for nature. The brand believes that children should be inquisitive, thriving from a sense of adventure and discovery, and be in awe of the natural world around them.

Cabinet of Curiosities blends together a unique combination of the simplistic European clothing aesthetic with classic British eccentricity. The brand’s visual inspirations come from the quaint illustrations of Victoriana botany books and the whimsical, weird and wonderful curiosity cabinets of the early 20th century; where discovery and intrigue around the wonders of the natural world took shape. The kooky Victorian foundation remains at the brand’s core, but with products brought up-to-date with a classic European childrenswear style; crisp, chic and sophisticated.

This fusion makes for an unusual and complex brand heritage, fabricated in timeless silhouettes, beautiful organic fabrics (such as herringbone and waxed cotton) and a rich, earthy colour palette. The collection also utilises bold insect imagery and prints to capture the imagination of both parent and child.

Georgia Fae Wigley