Hannah Harvey

Theorem is a print textile lead trend publication aimed at the Spring/ Summer 2020 market. Femme Libertè 2020 is focused on trends evolving around the notion of a new wave of feminist within female millennials. Theorem aims their publication to the B2B market whom design for female millennials.Theorem looks at how the millennial lifestyle evolves and moves into the future. Envoking emotional responses through its print driven narrative, Theorem bases its unique print and textile forecasting and looking at how this information can be taken forward with fashion. Theorem’s playful, quirky and bold nature makes it a must have if designing for the female millennial. Looking at people, places and travelling culture to shape and influence its trend narratives. Theorem represents its four trends through print and textile manipulation, colour research, original print design, product development, key shape analysis, photography and illustrations. Theorem’s fashion driven trend publication envokes a creative and bold flare; which acts as a great source of inspiration for designers.