hannah seasman


Yunison is an urban streetwear brand, inspired by the idea of a utopian world. The collection has been designed for young working women to be given the opportunity to express themselves and explore their own utopias whilst away from the office.
The brand embraces bold, heavily printed garments combined with oversized silhouettes. This enables the consumer to stand out from the crowd, whilst also offering the practicality of movement for leisurely weekend activities.
Yunison garments are designed using only a small colour palette to encourage layering and mix and matching up the prints for different looks. The collection offers a versatile range of garments, which can be worn for occasions throughout both the daytime and the evening.
The Yunison consumer is a fashion conscious young woman who likes to experiment with her style; she doesn’t follow trends, she creates her own. In her spare time she likes to travel, often visiting different cities around Europe to break away from the norms of society.

Hannah Seasman
Womenswear/ Print & Graphic Design