Hattie Gray

In today’s uncertain economic and political climate, Beanfield’s primary aim is to support, encourage and celebrate individuality and creativity amongst young people. Extensive research into the attitudes and behaviours of Millennials identified the importance of clothing and style not only as the primary tool for self-expression, but also as a powerful means of which to provoke change in society. Henceforth, Beanfield strives to fulfil such requirements by offering 18 to 35-year-old consumers an affordable alternative to the fast fashion chains and seasonal fads which dominate the high street. Drawing inspiration from the energy of youth subcultures, the brand is a playful mix of casual pieces with an irreverent approach to mixing styles, textures, patterns and colour. The clothing line consists of everyday staples, all with a unique edge and strong attention to detail. Rather than following fleeting trends, each garment is a celebration of the unique, out of place and rebellious, giving focus to the wearers unique interpretation. The collection consists of entirely natural fibres such as organic cotton, hemp and linen, underlining the brands future potential.