Heiley Chiu

Issho Ni

“Issho Ni” is a brand that connected to the concept of environmental sustainability focusing on “save the ocean”. The initial inspiration is derived from Blue Planet 2 (British nature documentary series), in which the consumer and I realized ocean pollution is a serious problem that is not only affecting the ocean, but the rest of the earth as well, and there is a need to encourage the people to give up or reduce using plastic. As mentioned in the brand meaning, the designer will design ocean inspired garments, at the same time, will raise public awareness toward the ocean pollution.

Artistically, the underground sea offers a totally new perspective because the visibility and colour are all completely different to anything above surface. Therefore, “Issho Ni” aims to attract the people’s awareness toward the marine wildlife and carry out message about the important issue of ocean pollution. The brand’s lead design is inspired by the iridescent shades of the sea and the colors of coral reefs, allusion of ocean waves and the movements of jellyfish and sea anemone. Issho Ni attempts to combine the women wear and marine wildlife by making watery hues and fluid fabrics; phosphorescent sparkle and wave upon wave of liquid flounces to represent the sensuality and femininity of the ocean.


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