Indy Taylor


The art of craftsmanship has long been lost due to the desire for cheap, throwaway items. An increasingly fast-paced industry, fashion has particularly suffered these changes, and expecting carefully considered clothing with innovative solutions to our growing problems on an instantaneous basis is not natural.

There was once a time where humans relied purely on the untouched natural world to construct their tools, homes, and clothes. The skills necessary to craft objects were taught from generation to generation. We would weave our own dwellings from wood and dress ourselves with linens made from natural resources. We have since lost the ability to use our hands to make the artifacts necessary for our survival, increasingly relying on industrialised methods to produce replicas of the same products, again and again.

Ideology counteracts this over-reliance on products that lack emotional attachment. It embraces traditional crafting techniques such as embroidery and screenprinting, creating unique clothing that encourages true self-expression. Understanding that arts, crafts and positive mental attitudes are inextricably linked, Ideology’s ethos also focuses on promoting positivity through creativity in all facets of the brand’s being. We want to return to our handcrafted roots. Don’t you?

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