Jenny Marshall

Sonder is a non-profit, publication that is directed towards creating awareness and promoting sustainable living. The publication is heavily hand generated as a unique show case item, which will be delivered through guest lectures to university courses for educational, and inspirational purposes. The publication will also be available online as this is more environmentally conscious than paper copies, and while still carry on the publications unique nature through point, and click features. Sonder also takes the form of a pop-up bus, which will move annually to different locations, were the publication sources its content from, involving the place’s heritage in relation to environmental awareness. On this bus is a coffee hub, and selling space, for products linked with the publication and for local artists, which will hold events to encourage the public to find out what the brands all about.
(Read final major project title page to find out more about the first issue about hemp and flax.)

This project is followed by 3 competion based briefs, which are as follows;
Winter 19/20 collection
Day in day out with our tasks behind us, that exhale at the end of a hard working day when you sink into your chair, Yoisho is the word Japanese say with this exhale. The clash of exhaustion and comfort, when undesired and appreciation come together. This trend looks at undesired, abandoned buildings then translates this into a desirable stylish, yet comfortable and warm collection of garments. Inspiration for silhouette has been taken from characteristics within abandoned buildings such as the curved arches through the halls, reflected in the low crotch trousers. Another example is from taking inspiration for structure, and texture from the weathered walls, breaking away to reveal the Skelton support beams, and peeled paint translated into layers of fabric where some hang loose as if peeling of the garment, and others come up to form raised seams.

This trend plays with our desire to escape the everyday, into a modern vintage paradise. Growing up gives us perspective, eliminating the sense of magic, and mystery, essentially dwindling the power of imagination. Therefore, this collection illustrates a botanic paradise, on everyday garments to re-spark that sense of wonder through the ‘norm’ of a basic denim jacket. It’s time to re-generate our ‘grown-up’ perspectives and re-indulge in our own imagination.

Screen-printed graphic-tee featureing on linen-hemp fabric as a one off, limited edition range to promote sustainable fashion fabrics.