Jessica Lewis

Sonder: The realisation that each random passer by is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

Cultural heritage and identity are the foundations of society, yet are getting increasingly forgotten by modern generations consumed in a busy, technology-obsessed existence. Expectations are high: appearance and acceptance are necessitated, whilst practicality is presumed.
“Folk” has greatly influenced the arts in the past and generation Y could be greatly stimulated by the historic peasant-folk lifestyle and the beautiful traditional costume that needs to be appreciated once more.  

Focused at a market of females aged 18- 34, the launch, autumn/winter 2017 ready-to-wear collection aims to update these
cultural inspirations. Sonder is not just a retailer, but also a way of life.
The lifestyle brand encourages relaxation and the appreciation of the small details of life, the natural world and individuality.

The Resort Collection will continue to follow the brand’s design philosophy and maintain influences from traditional folk costume, taking a new colour pallet and further inspiration from Indonesian peace fighting band Tinariwen.

The proceeding Fashion and Freedom competition project celebrates the beauty of women gaining the vote and thus the break through of
women’s freedom. Research looks at propaganda from both sides of the cause, and focuses mainly on the Suffragette movement.
The intention was to stress women’s capabilities and determination through femininity and the peaceful aims of a battle that was forced to become extreme in order to create a path to equality.