John Spenceley

Exodus is a menswear collection for Autumn/Winter ‘18 takes inspiration from the courage of the plightfaced by refugees andfocuses on the design of the garment to meet the needs of survival.
An article on about the Syrian refugee crisis, with Richard Van Der Laken founder of ‘What Design Can Do’, discusses this. In the article he says, ‘Everybody who flees from war, violence or human rights infringements deserves shelter and solidarity’ and discusses how designers are the ones that can help their living conditions.
The purpose of this collection is the create an aesthetically pleasing but a range that is fit for function. I will explore this through the means of pattern cutting and technical fabrications/ fastenings. The performance of the garments will take inspiration from the human body and how to protect it. The clothing will consider the ergonomics of the human body through pattern cutting and trims and provide protection against the elements through fabrication.
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