Kate Rucker


Storey is a high end, exclusive woman’s clothing brand, which will open this summer (2016). Storey takes inspiration from architecture; the ‘storey’ of the building is defined as part of a building compromising all the rooms that are on the same level. This inspiration defines the brand as each season Storey will develop designs from different aspects within architecture, mirroring different rooms on the same level.

The SS’16 Collection draws from the lines and shapes found within brutalist architecture. Storey target customers will be women who are confident and successful. They know what they want and they want to own clothes that show high levels of design, quality and individuality. This may mean that they have already become successful, or that they want to make a statement, which will drive their future success.

Storey offers a unique take on pattern cutting, focusing on quality and challenging silhouettes. With an emphasis on craftsmanship Storey hopes to change the way people think about their clothing, buying more quality and style rather than the current trend of fast fashion. Investing in directional, well made, pieces at a higher price, rather than cheaper clothing at a lower cost.