katie olvanhill


E-couture will be a current trend, lead brand, creating unique bespoke pieces for the young consumer (18-25). The first collection will take inspiration from cathedrals, stained glass windows and Mediterranean tiling.

The website:
Buy- by tapping into the trending craze of ‘throw away fashion’ - wearing a garment once or twice and re-selling it on outlets such as Depop or eBay, E-couture will adapt this trend on its website. Initially the consumer will be able to buy bespoke pieces online.  The garment will come with its own unique story, so that the consumer will be able to see exactly where and how the garment has been produced.

Sell - the customer will be able to re-sell their used E-couture garment back on the website; listing and commission free if they wish. E-couture will also give the option of re-selling the garment on for the consumer, if they don’t have the time to list the item themselves. In this circumstance the consumer will email the website telling them which garment they would like to re-sell and the company will list it for them, but a commission will be taken if the product sells.

Tell - harnessing the inner blogger in us all, the consumer then has the option to continue with the story by adding interesting information about themselves. If they chose to re-sell in that way, the next buyer can track the garments full history; who purchased the item and where it has travelled.

Katie Jean Olvanhill