Katy Gale

Ever since the dawn of the space age travel amongst the stars has bewildered and fascinated mankind in its entirety. Much has been achieved, but mankind is still in the infancy of its space age. But what is our future with space and its many facets for exploration? One goal for future space travel, and indeed mankind’s survival, is to form a permanent settlement on our nearest habitable neighbour - Mars. However, this concept is still tremendously abstract, with many of the intricacies of such a settlement remaining elusive. The year is 2100 and colonisation on Mars has been established. As earth is becoming less inhabitable, more and more people are transferring from Earth to Mars to start a new life. Tomorrowland is the first trend publication for the first year of life on a colonized Mars. Introducing Martians to a new way of life and an overview to fashion and fashion trends featured on Mars. Within this trend book many areas will be explored, providing some insight into the future of fashion and design within a human settlement on the red planet. Experimenting with many aspects within this - for example; colour stories, fabrication, textures, and silhouettes, providing an insight into this fascinating future for mankind for the first year of life on Mars. It is the small steps of today that produce the giant leaps of tomorrow.