Krisnel Payumo

TRI_LAB Studio
Season 1: The Art of Shibori

As humans, we subconsciously take things for granted without realising it. We easily replace the old with the new; not doubting for a second whether it can still be fixed of re-designed
to live another life. And as Design students, we are automatically perceived to design products for the mass market. From this, we lose our sense of creating products to influence people.
Therefore we end up creating products for the greater profit, instead of the greater purpose of our individual talent.

From this, we are losing knowledge with the traditional techniques from our history as we rely on mass manufacturing over hand craftsmanship. It gives us a question to ponder on …

What is our purpose as designers?

There are thousands of traditional techniques around the world from hand weaved textiles from Bhutan to Batik dyeing from India and most of them are considered to be extinct and dying,
due to the lack of knowledge being passed onto modern designers. TRI_LAB has created a series of seasonal books that will focus on each traditional technique from a specific country and
culture, to raise awareness of the importance of hand craftsmanship for today’s young designers.
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