Lauren Brewin

Anauthenticbrandwithintegrityandattitudecreatinga force ofidentificationforyouthcultures. Fashionandlifestyleproductrangesreflecttheconnotations ofsubculturesgoneby,  alongside modern   expressions of   rebellion   and   style.   Relying on   tangible   resources   and   face-to-face interaction the brand brings consumers out of hyperrealities and into the present. An animated store creates compelling conversation throughout the journey, telling stories using colour, sound, smells, touchandtaste.  Co-creatingtheconsumersexperiencesthemultisensoryenvironmentstimulates the senses, submerging participants in the musically infused lifestyle. Britain’s   youthsubcultures   have   becomeextinctand   music   venues inthe UKarerapidly disappearing. Asculturesauthenticmusicalentitiescease toexist,  corporatefacadesthrive, eclipsing cultural value of soul and conscience. Music and style origins diminish and consequently these wells of inspiration and empowerment become less available and more unattainable. Music isoftenconsidered tobe thehighestform ofartandculture,  veryoftenaproduct ofitstime,  botha reflection of the here and now. Whilst not every young person is a music follower, itis argued that musicretainsasocialandculturalforce ofidentificationandpresentation innearlyallyoung peopleslives.  SoulAndStonerevives,  encouragesandrepresentstheseforces ofidentification through each channel of the marketing mix.