Lauren Conroy

‘Aura’ is a women's streetwear brand inspired by the survival of animals and nature. A collection that can be worn all year round and is adaptable to the unpredictable weather of Mother Nature. The collection includes pieces that have detachable elements such as cuffs, hems and panels.  

Humans have evolved with great detail over time and have taught themselves how to survive due to gene mutation, allowing the brain to grow and develop. Humans have only evolved so far physically and depend on technology, electricity and materials to adapt to the earths weather conditions, whereas nature only needs its exterior shell.

Raising the question of why do humans not have scaled or brightly coloured skin in order to survive?

Humans are the most superior species on the planet, but why? That is because they do not have a predator holding them back. So who is the human predator?

Mother Nature.