Lauren Edwards

We live in a fast paced product driven society, in which consumers are beginning to question the creativeness, and emotional output of a product.

As our lifestyles evolve so does our wants and needs, now seeking goods that evoke emotional responses and encourage a more fulfilling and tactile relationship. Through a textured exploration, North of Normal bares a focus towards journeys travelled, both literal and
figurative, inserting naive and playful traits throughout the three chosen trends, allowing for a quirky and playful narrative.

Aimed at the Spring/Summer 2020 market the publication based brand combines people, places and travel to influence trends. Through
 textile manipulation, colour research, print design, product development, photography and illustration North of Normal seeks to inspire a creative and experimental flare, acting as a source of inspiration for designers; fashion, product or interior driven.  The publication offers a clear differentiation from purely seasonal offers and fashion driven developments.
instagram : laurenkate3110