Lauren Woods

We are Bread + Butter. Simple, honest and true. We are a trend forecasting and prediction agency specilising in fashion and lifestyle. Bread + Butter sees the future of fashion becoming less and less seasonally driven, hence why we focus less on the historic ‘season’ and much more on the here and now and what will be current at the time, we let consumers lead the way. Our first release trend publication is for the months September through to February 2018/19 and follows a simple and clean exploration of the overall theme ‘It’s Nothing but it’s still Something’ developing a creative narratove for three of the basic needs for human survial (Shelter, Water and Air). Our main goal is to not only predict the trends of the future but to inspire a way of life. A life that is simpler, more honest and always -most importantly- true to self.

Instagram: @Intothewoodsstyle