Leeomigh Dolan

Liberty Revolt is a AW 2019 WOMENSWEAR socio-economic based trend publication focusing on the ongoing struggle of female empowerment many women face in society today. We live in a world where women and men have stereotypes attached to them and while there is a fight to change this, gender equality still has a long way to go. People have lived in a society that requires everyone to follow and conform to ways which are expected of them, no matter how indifferent they may feel about it. Using various types of visual communication, including print textile samples, Liberty Revolt seeks to effectively convey the strong, independent voices of women. Embracing their gender rather than letting it restrict them and their abilities.

Each sub-trend expresses individuality and attitude in a way which tells the story of how women have felt, how they feel today and how they want to be able to feel in the near future. Liberty Revolt creates this with the idea of bringing forward the past in a forward thinking way, whilst also being able to envision what the future could be, using both past and present
feelings of many women.

Accompanied with this FMP are samples of other portfolio work, including a taster of a AW19 childrenswear trend, which is also inspired by the gender equality movement.

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