megan clinch

Fragile Earth

I have produced a slow-fashion lingerie collection for my Final Major Project named ‘Fragile Earth’. The collection aims to positively enforce ethical and eco friendly lifestyle choices, whilst raising awareness of the detrimental effects overconsumption is having on the planet. Each garment has been constructed with ethical and eco-friendly fabrics, and with the addition of handmade trims, finishings, and free hand embroidery, the garments promote a more sustainable way of purchasing clothing.

Leading a sustainable and ethical lifestyle is something I am particularly passionate about. My FMP began by researching into the effects the fashion industry and overconsumption has had on the planet, which then drew me to the effects it is having on animals. As a committed vegetarian I am very apt on animal welfare, so researching further into this and producing research drawings of affected animals and wildlife led me to my fragile designs.

Megan Clinch
Lingerie Design and Illustration