Millie Storey


‘Lets go on an ADVENTURE.’

Arka is a childrenswear brand built on combining outdoor play with the buzz of technology, offering a practical clothing range and an educational app. It seeks to remind its customers how much fun playing outdoors in nature can be.

Arka has a dual customer and seeks to appeal to both parents and the child. It will typically appeal to Generation Alpha and how they have been brought up with technology, making sure they are not forgetting what great adventures and opportunities lay outdoors.

Arka’s mission is to get children outdoors again, and to enjoy it in an innovative way. Its practical launch collection brings colour into childrenswear giving the classic gender-based palettes a twist to create a modern, diverse look.

Taking shapes and inspiration from workwear and children’s clothing within WW1/WW2 was the main focus on silhouettes for the project. All my print is based from ‘The Lost Words’ book by Robert Macfarlane, a book about words that are getting lost in today’s generation. Children are now aware of what a selfie or an influencer is yet, are forgetting what a conker or acorn is. The aim is to reintroduce the words from them looking at the print but also, being able to scan them on the interactable app. This will then unlock the animal or object on their clothing, which then they will learn fun and educational facts about the object. It’s introducing technology and fashion in a way that hasn’t been done before in childrenswear.