Niamh Thompson

Incandescent Outrage (IO) is primarily a women’s streetwear brand, aiming to target the Early Adopter, late Millennial demographic.
The unique selling point of IO will be the unmistakably exclusive and anarchic vibe, through its creation of purposeful yet fashion forward produce.
It is designed to embody a new subculture uniform for the head-strong and recalcitrant.
A recent trend amongst youth has developed, highlighting an inactive lifestyle, influencing the silhouette of the brand. However, IO endeavours to revolt against the torpid lifestyle, taking initial inspiration from the social rebellion of the Punk era. It utilises, but never duplicates, key Punk features and juxtaposes them with current youth fashion.

Inspiration from Vivienne Westwood’s ethos ‘Buy less. Choose well. Make it last’, has underlined a gap in the market for a brand that supplies high quality garments that are also avant-garde and appeal to the social-media reliant Millennials.

PHONE : 07792682549
INSTAGRAM : @niamhellys