Nina Zaluczkowska

t r a n s c e n d

By the year 2025, a macro trend of a back to basics existence has reformed itself into society. The constant whir of technology has lost its buzz and the world has begun to acknowledge the detrimental social effects technology is having on human life. Relationships, imaginations and adventure are weakening. We are all addicted. We choose TV over trees, the web over the breaking waves, screens over sunshine and our log in over our love of living.

 ‘t r a n s c e n d’ is a trend publication anaylsing the macro trends of pro-nature and anti-technology. The publication explores these concepts through four chapters; ‘Ocean’, ‘River’, ‘Wood’ and ‘Mountain’ throughout the course of a day and uses these four natural places as inspiration for colour, fabric, print, beauty, food and lifestyle. The publication aims to create inspiration for design and lifestyle choice through these naturally occuring colours, patterns and shapes.

‘t r a n s c e n d’ is built on the basis of an anti- technology life that focuses on naturally occurring moments in which we know why we are alive and can celebrate our existence.

Nina Zaluczkowska
Fashion Design & Marketing
Graphics/Trend forecasting