Paige Spence

‘Ameliorate’ is a mid-level women’s outerwear brand that explores various aspects of pollution to help raise awareness of how it is affecting the planet, and to influence fashion designers to create a more sustainable future. Ameliorate products are designed to protect women from the effects of pollution and it is aimed at Millennials aged 26-32 years old.
The launch collection of this brand focuses on outerwear, including hooded jackets and coats with innovative designs expressing oversized silhouettes with high necks, exaggerated sleeves and double layered hoods covering most of the consumers’ face to emphasise protection from pollution. Contrast is key with colours ranging from dark blues to acidic yellow and orange to reflect the idea of pollution. This adds small characteristic details to the collection. Some statement pieces feature carbon filters, which filter the air the consumer breathes in, thereby protecting people from air pollution and creating a futuristic look.
INSTAGRAM: paigespence_design