Rebecca Pennock

SPACE BABY. A unique youth-wear brand designed for a new wave of contemporary trendsetting women; inspired by retro futurism, sci-fi films and Space Age memorabilia.

The brand focuses on selling high quality UK manufactured, visually exciting products and providing an enjoyable and sociable experience for its consumers.

Taking inspiration from the ‘next generation’ of the human race and the idea of how ‘us’ women would live on another planet; The designer’s imagination is brought to life through cool and quirky, hand printed clothing - made to last and made to be versatile for any body shape.

With a confident, empowering, and feel good brand philosophy; every woman will look ‘out of this world’ wearing Space Baby!

Including SPACE BABY final major project, TOY BOX childrenswear follow on collection and ABERCROMBIE & FITCH live womenswear graphics project.