Rebecca Williams

In a world of fashion diversity, young males (18-24) are influenced by celebrities, high-end brands, urban culture and fast-moving trends, rolling in from one season to another. Adventure, nature and outdoors are the unrecognisable influences around them, which are a part of everyday life. Walking along the coastline or through a countryside field, a dog at either side of your legs, waiting to sprint off after what can only be described as a worn, chewed and indestructible tennis ball. At this moment in time, sights, views and adventure are embraced amongst the silence of the empty farm fields or the gushing wind travelling in from the ocean, trapping itself between the gaps in your hood. The feeling of escapism and freedom soaks through your skin. This project aims to capture the colours, textures and details experienced whilst being outdoors and to turn it into a striking print on outerwear pieces, with a weather-beaten touch. The focus of the brand will generate a more affordable, luxurious, range of outerwear men’s clothing, keeping the garments simply technical, whilst having a vibrant printed fabric to be the main attraction of each piece.