Ricci Kerrigan

“But the reality is that charv-hate is a lot more than snobbery. It is a class war. It is an expression of the belief that everyone should become middle class and embrace middle- class values and lifestyles, leaving those who don’t to be ridiculed and hated. It is about refusing to acknowledge anything of worth in working-class Britain, and systematically ripping it to shreds in newspapers, on TV, facebook, and in general conversation. This is what the demonization of the working class means.” (Jones,2016)

Salt of the Earth is a designer menswear brand that is inspired by the working-class system in Britain. It uses style influences from both the working class and, middle class in order to produce collections that promotes equality in society. Salt of the Earth aims to blend tailored pieces with, causal and active wear in order to create a diverse collection that displays innovative craftsmanship. Salt of the Earth offers a contemporary, innovating Spring/ Summer 2019 menswear collection, that gives their consumer a confidence to express themselves without being judged by society. It wants to help stop stereotyping and cultural appropriation. Salt of the Earth believes in supporting all menswear from all backgrounds, whether it being workwear or tailoring. We believe in mixing the unconventional to create a whole new unique look for every man