Rosie Bath

Uniq is a luxurious womenswear brand catering towards the needs of career driven and fashion focused women placed within the dynamic group: ‘Generation X’.

Seeking influence from history and tradition, the first A/W 2019 range is inspired by the intricate beauty of 18th century lace. Evolving the art of lace making into a range dedicated to the 21st century woman, modern fabrics have been laser cut to establish a truly Uniq aesthetic.

Through thorough research and development, every need of the target market has been considered. The use of moisture-wicking fabric linings allows the Uniq woman to perform her busy schedule without discomfort, whilst careful consideration in cut and finish displays dedication to helping women feel their most confident.

Photographed in the stunning Bowes Museum, where the student was originally inspired, Uniq womenswear aims to enthral women not just through clothing, but also through captivating promotional campaigns.