Samira Essrout


SXSAFM is a print-based brand that challenges and breaks social norms to appeal to the modern woman. SXSAFM appeals to a diverse fashion consumer through its fusion of cultural influences, interpreted through pattern, silhouette and colour.

The collection merges traditional Moroccan craftmanship with a contemporary athleisure silhouette. It will appeal to confident, complex women who are proud of their heritage and identity. Proving that we are multi-cultural and proud to be diverse. The concept of diversity incorporates acceptance and respect. It means understanding that every person is different and accepting everyone’s individuality. Celebrating the shift in attitude, rejoicing in our colour. There is a new generation of women who want to conquer, express, celebrate our mixed heritage.

As a brand SXSAFM believes in empowering diverse women combining modern street style combined with cultural heritage. We find peace and beauty in our cultural heritage and we use our background to feel connected in a community. The Spring/Summer collection uses Moroccan inspired shapes and motifs to influences prints. Combining those prints with street style to express what it is like to be a modern mixed race woman in western society. There is a new generation who want to conquer, express, celebrate our mixed heritage.