Sarah Thompson


Part 1

FLUKE is inspired by their consumers’ travelling experiences and the ethos of being carefree, laid back and elated whilst wandering. Taking inspiration from different parts of the world, the first collection AW/19 is inspired by Salvation Mountain. Garments are oversized and bright to reflect the colourful painted surfaces created by local Californian resident Leonard Knight in his celebration of God. The notion of the consumers themselves being a moving art installation is explored through colour and hidden details, just like stumbling across a secret art installation in the desert valleys of California. FLUKE hopes to help the consumer search for the unexpected joy in everything, as well as inspiring them to never stop exploring, searching for the hidden pleasures and beautiful moments in life. Graphics and promotion are used to support the brand and create a real experience for the consumer.

Part 2

The S/S20 collection, FLUKE will release is based on another part of the world, Bondi, Sydney. Bondi has been chosen as the inspiration for follow on collection because of its cool, laid back vibes, the artwork and graffiti along the Bondi walk and the atmosphere around the area. The garments in-keeping with FLUKES theme are bright and colourful, as well as relaxed shapes and silhouettes that can be ‘thrown’ on after a long day of surfing or skating.