sarah hesketh


I describe myself as a creative, enthusiastic and self-motivated individual with an undoubtedly keen interest in photography, graphics & design. I have previous experience working in digital marketing & promotion. I am always determined to produce the best work I can and continue to put in my every effort. My final year project at Northumbria University is based on the difference between escaping technology and embracing the countryside lifestyle to becoming consumed with technology and entering the digital world. The publication explores what effect technology can have on us and whether we can cope without the modern day devices we are now so easily provided with. The world is developing into a highly intelligent place, with new creations and inventions being brought onto the market constantly. True is designed to explore how far this will go and what it could lead to in the future. It focuses on whether we are losing true forms of communication and just becoming digital identities. It is a lifestyle trend publication, displaying photography, illustration and colour indication that visually describes this concept.