Shannon Thompson

The work in this portfolio is derived from my final major project work.

The Concept:
ReNude is founded on the belief that one shade of nude does not fit all. By combining the artistry of lingerie with womenswear design, ReNude offers high quality, innovative and timeless garments which exude femininity, luxury and craftmanship by taking inspiration from both historical and contemporary influences.

Spring/Summer ‘19 collection:
ReNude’s Spring/Summer 2019 launch collection drew inspiration from historical lingerie and the female body to produce an ultra-feminine womenswear collection that defines and enhances the female silhouette. The fabrication of the entire collection has been carefully considered throughout to compliment the intricacy of the design to create ReNude’s signature dainty and feminine aesthetic.

Autumn/Winter ‘19 collection
ReNude’s Autumn/Winter 2019 follow on collection takes inspiration from gothic architecture with particular focus on gothic windows and arches. Prints were developed from glass panes and adds a geometric element to ReNude’s soft and feminine signature aesthetic. Male life drawings also influenced this collection which were much darker and definite in style, making them well suited for an Autumn/Winter collection.