Simra Faisal

‘Urban Modesty’ is a design project for Kanza. A brand which is shaped and inspired by the lack of contemporary modest wear in the fashion market.Taking initial inspiration from how cities are melting pots of diversity in culture and design as global and local communities mix. ‘Urban Modesty’ will embrace a sporty look with big shapes and covered-up silhouettes. This fused with elements of Moorish art, which comes from Middle Eastern locations where modesty is a big part of society will be cohesively joined to create a contemporary but street womenswear collection.

As the UK has become more culturally and ethnically diverse, there is more of a need to cater to different types of consumers. Therefore, ‘Urban Modesty’ will suit the lifestyle choices of a fashion-conscious and modest individual. The garments would suit an optimistic urbanite in demand of openness.